Capturing Qualified Personnel

Eye Associates of New Mexico currently uses, the EANM web site and word of mouth for recruiting ophthalmic technicians.  Keeping our primary focus to hire people with both attitude and aptitude, we decided to reach out and do some networking with three Albuquerque colleges.

We took an afternoon and met with Carrington College, Brookline College and PIMA Medical Institute.  Our networking strategy paid off.  All three colleges have agreed to send Eye Associates resumes from a list of their top graduates who have voiced interest in Ophthalmology.  Carrington and Brookline College will submit requests to Eye Associates for students to do a 6-week externship at an Eye Associates’ clinic and at the end of the externship; we will have an option to hire that student. These colleges have students that live throughout the state, but come to Albuquerque to attend school, providing our outer clinics to have an additional technician staff hiring opportunity.  We are also working with the New Mexico Academy of Ophthalmic Technicians who is now offering the ability to post jobs on their website.

All trainees will go through a 12-week training program. Those students going through an externship may have a slightly shorter training period.  Through this networking, we will participate in each of their career fairs, meet students and provide information on our training program; sharing the benefits of a career as an ophthalmic technician.


EA Doctors get Honorable Mention in Albuquerque the Magazine’s Top Docs 10th Annual Survey

We are proud to report that the following doctors received an honorable mention in Albuquerque the Magazines Top Doc’s March edition.

Our doctors mentioned –

Michael L. Dimonaco, DO                                                                                                                            ABQ Mag

Kenneth Himmel, MD

Mark P. Lesher, MD

Frank Mares, MD

Rob Melendez, MD

Mi-Kyoung Song, MD

Arthur J. Weinstein, MD

We know they are the best, but it’s nice to know that our community agrees!  Congratulations doctors.


National Pancake Day

Pancake Day, also called Shrove Tuesday, Fat Tuesday and Mardi Gras (which is French for “Fat Tuesday”), is the last day of feasting before Lent begins on Ash Wednesday.   It’s called so due to the tradition of eating pancakes on the day.  This tradition comes from a time where any rich foods were eaten on the day before Lent, and fasting begins.  The date can vary from as early as February 3rd to as late as March 9th.











Multivitamin Supplement and Cataracts

manAmerican Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO) Study:
Long-term daily multivitamin supplement use decreases cataract risk in men, study finds. Long-term daily multivitamin supplement use may lower cataract risk in men, according to a study of nearly 15,000 male physicians. Half took a common daily multivitamin, as well as vitamin C, vitamin E and beta carotene supplements. The other half took a placebo. The researchers followed the participants to identify how many participants in each group developed new cases of two common eye diseases: cataract and age-related macular degeneration. Results showed a 9 percent decrease in risk for those that took the supplements.

National Parks Fee-Free Days

National ParkAmerica’s national parks will offer free admission on nine days during 2014.

Here are the dates:

January 20, 2014
Martin Luther King Jr. Day

February 15-17, 2014
Presidents Day weekend

April 19-20, 2014
Opening weekend of National Park Week

August 25, 2014
National Park Service Birthday

September 27, 2014
National Public Lands Day

November 11, 2014
Veterans Day

And while fee-free days are amazing, don’t forget that only 133 of your national parks usually charge an entrance fee.  That means that hundreds of your national parks are always fee-free.  Find a park near you and treat yourself to at least one national park adventure in 2014.