LASIK Informational Video


Mark P. Lesher, MD

In an effort to use social media to market and promote Lasik surgery, the Lasik Program Committee came up with the idea of an informational video for prospective patients who use technology as their primary source of information.  After months of hard work and preparation, the video was shot at our Northside clinic

Dr. Mark Lesher and Darren Pantoja, Surgical Program Manager, are featured in an interview-style format that contains answers to the basic questions frequently asked about Lasik surgery.  The video also features an animated clip of Lasik surgery courtesy of Eyemaginations.

Thanks to our talented IT Department, the full-length version of the video can be seen on the “Laser Vision Center” page of our website.  There are also 5 minute versions of the video available on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.  Check out the video and share it with anyone who may be interested in Lasik!