An FSA is a Financially Smart Approach to paying for LASIK

Did you overestimate how much money you would need in your FSA this year?  Do you need to spend the funds quickly, but would also like to do so wisely?  If your company offers an FSA as part of your health insurance, consider using this benefit for LASIK.  An FSA is a great way to pay for LASIK, and save money in the process.  FSA money has been set aside before the deduction of payroll taxes. If you paid for the surgery from your savings, the money would have first been taxed.  And with health care reform soon lowering the annual limit for an FSA, now is the time to act.  It is best to first determine if you are a good candidate for the procedure and to learn more about options and cost before deciding upon an amount to set aside.  We encourage you to contact Price Vision Group to schedule a complimentary screening. 

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