Are You Too Old For LASIK?

There is no definite upper age limit for LASIK. Your general health and the health of your eyes are much bigger factors in deciding your LASIK candidacy than your age. As you get older, however, you will probably face different age-related vision problems that LASIK cannot correct, such as presbyopia and cataracts.

Cataract surgery must be performed before LASIK surgery is possible. If you are past your early 40s and are starting to experience presbyopia symptoms, you may still need to use reading glasses after undergoing LASIK. Since presbyopia is a problem with your lens, not your cornea, LASIK cannot directly treat it, although it can still correct your distance vision.

A different LASIK option for older patients is monovision. This treatment, which can be achieved with LASIK techniques, is designed as an alternative to reading glasses. With monovision, one of your eyes is corrected for distance vision, while the other is corrected for near vision. Your brain decides which eye should be used depending on the object you are focusing on.

If you have further questions about LASIK candidacy, find an experienced ophthalmologist in your area today to schedule an initial consultation.