August – National Cataract Awareness Month

In order to preserve and protect your vision, regular eye exams are crucial.  As with many medical conditions, early detection is key.  August is National Cataract Awareness Month, and it is important to understand what cataracts are, the risk factors, and what information to bring to an exam. 

 A cataract is usually described as a clouding of the eye.  A cataract scatters light as it passes through the lens, preventing a sharp image from reaching your retina. The result is blurry vision, or the feeling like you are looking through a foggy window.  A cataract can make everyday activities like reading and driving more difficult.  Most cataracts develop slowly and do not comprise vision in the early stages. With time, however, cataracts can greatly interfere with vision. 
Risk factors include increasing age, excessive sunlight exposure, family history, obesity, and smoking.  If you feel like you might have a cataract it is important to schedule an examination.  At your cataract appointment, it often helps to be prepared.  Write down any symptoms you’ve noticed, information like risk factors and a list of prescribed medications, and any questions you might have for the doctor. 

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