How long do LASIK results last?

The results of Lasik are not only life changing but they continue to be the “gift that keeps on giving”.  By this I mean the results of Lasik are usually stable over many years.

If the distance prescription changes (glasses) because eyegrowth is incomplete at the time of the Lasik procedure then the results of the procedure may not be as good and an enhancement procedure can be performed where more laser treatment is given to correct the residual refractive error.

About 5% of patients may desire this “fine –tuning” although Lasik in patients with high degrees of correction may see more drift where an enhancement may be necessary (about 10-15%).  Development of other ocular problems like cataracts may also compromise the original Lasik result but is of course unrelated to the Lasik procedure.  In general the results of Lasik are long lasting and give patients excellent and stable vision for many years.

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