Can Omega-3 Improve Dry Eye Symptoms?

Ophthalmologists are trying to determine whether dry eye patients can benefit from omega 3 supplements, according to an article by Vanessa Caceres in this month’s issue of EyeWorld. These doctors are considering some preliminary research, as well as their own hands-on experience with dry eye patients, to decide whether omega 3 supplements should be included in recommended treatments for this condition.

Omega 3 supplements are often taken in the form of fish oil or flaxseed oil. The supplement has been linked to many health benefits, including prevention of age-related macular degeneration, heart attack and heart disease. The supplement is sometimes used to improve symptoms of depression, and to lower triglycerides.

There seems to be some evidence omega 3 is beneficial as a dry eye treatment. The EyeWorld article mentions one study published in a March 2011 issue of Cornea. In the study, researchers treated patients with fish oil and flaxseed oil for three months. Thirty-six patients were included in the study, and dry eye symptoms disappeared for 70 percent of those being treated. Thirty-seven percent of patients receiving placebos became asymptomatic.

Ideally researchers will continue to investigate the effectiveness of this supplement in treating dry eye. Most people can safely take omega 3 supplements, and it could be an easy, healthy way to reduce your symptoms.

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