Cataract Risk Factors

It doesn’t take rocket science to figure that as our population ages, so does the number of people with cataracts. By definition, cataracts are the clouding of the eye lens to the extent that they affect vision. By the age of 80, more than half of all Americans have cataracts.

The elderly patients at Katzen Eye Group in the Baltimore area often have questions about the causes of cataracts when they begin hearing about friends and family members having cataract surgery. However, age-related cataracts are only one type. The others are:

  • Secondary Cataracts – can form after surgery for other ophthalmic diseases
  • Traumatic Cataracts – can develop after an eye injury
  • Congenital Cataracts – also known as “infantile cataracts,” these cataracts are present at birth
  • Radiation-inducted Cataracts – can form months and years after radiation exposure

The Katzen Eye Group in Baltimore and Lutherville, Maryland offer cataract treatment for people of all ages. Please schedule an appointment today so we can help you understand your cataract removal options.