Cataract Symptoms

Cataracts are an age-related vision condition affecting millions of Americans. It occurs when your eye’s lens becomes clouded, causing light to scatter rather than focus on the retina. At first, you most likely will not notice any problems with your vision since in their early stages, cataracts only block a small amount of light from reaching your retina. But as cataracts get worse, your vision will deteriorate significantly.

Common cataract symptoms include:

  • Increasing problems with night vision, including glare and halos
  • Increased sensitivity to light
  • Fading colors
  • More frequent changes in your prescription, generally related to nearsightedness
  • Ghosting (double vision) in one eye

These symptoms may gradually impact your ability to carry out daily activities, especially driving at night. It may also be difficult to participate in sports which require clear vision.

Early cataract symptoms can be treated by adjusting your eyeglass or contact lens prescription. However, as your cataracts get worse, you will eventually need to seek treatment from your ophthalmologist. Cataract surgery can be performed to remove the cataracts from your eye’s lens and restore clear vision.

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