Lash-enhancing Latisse
Our patients now have a means for boosting the natural appearance of their eyelashes with Latisse, an FDA-approved solution which promotes the growth of thicker, longer, darker lashes. The prescription solution is a treatment for hypotrichosis, which is the occurrence of inadequate eyelashes. While the results of Latisse are gradual, the majority of participants in a clinical trial achieved significant results after using the product for two months.

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Are you tired of constantly reaching for your reading glasses? Price Vision Group now offers RevitalVision, a program designed to change the way your brain processes images! RevitalVision is a non-surgical program designed to improve the communication between your eyes and your brain and to help you see better without reading glasses.


Thousands of patients who completed the program have experienced improved vision and quality of life.

Most patients notice results in as little as 10 sessions.

“Reading in the evenings is one of my favorite pastimes. I have needed readers for the last few years to have clear, comfortable vision. I decided to try the RevitalVision program. Now I’m able to read two more lines on the eye chart and I haven’t even completed the program yet!”

Dr. Kathy Kelley

About the program:

  • 20 training sessions completed at home on a computer
  • Each training session takes 20 minutes on average
  • Customized to your pace and visual ability
  • Also available for post-LASIK and post-cataract patients
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New Cornea Transplant Book

We are excited to announce that our very own Dr. Francis Price, along with Marianne Price, Ph.D., executive director of the Cornea Research Foundation of America, have co-authored the first-ever text for medical professionals on a pioneering cornea transplant procedure that is sutureless while offering a quicker recuperation, stronger post-operative eye and excellent clinical results.

All royalty proceeds from the sale of the text will benefit the Cornea Research Foundation‘s study of the groundbreaking technique.