Dr. Schulze attends Windsor National Associates in Scottsdale, Arizona

I just returned about a week ago from Scottsdale, Arizona, from the semi-annual meeting of Windsor National Associates, a study group of eye surgeons from select practices distributed around the United States. The Windsor group offers a forum for cutting edge surgeons and administrators to share ideas about the latest surgical techniques for procedures such as CATARACTS, LASIK, CORNEAL TRANSPLANTS, the ICL.

What I find especially exciting about the Windsor group is the level of commitment amongst the member surgeons towards the pursuit of excellence in eye surgery. All of the members are well-respected leaders in the field, and I am honored to be a part of this group.

Dr. Schulze teaches at ASCRS meeting in Boston

I was honored to be part of the teaching staff at this years ASCRS (Annual Society of Cataract & Refractive Surgery) meeting in Boston earlier this month. After almost 20 years of doing cataract and refractive surgery, apparently I’ve accumulated enough gray hair to be considered senior enough to help teach my peers! Dr. Luther Fry organized a Skills Transfer session for teaching new cataract surgical techniques to meeting attendees from around the world. As part of the faculty, my job was to provide direct, hands on instruction to surgeons wanting to learn new techniques.

The ASCRS meeting is an annual gathering of surgeons from around the world, and is considered the premium meeting for surgeons who perform cataract surgery and refractive surgery like LASIK, PRK, and the ICL (implantable contact lens). The company that makes the ICL, STAAR Surgical, held a teaching course, which I also attended, for the toric ICL which is currently available internationally but not yet FDA approved in this country. When it is approved, I hope to be able to use it for my patients.

Welcome to the Schulze Eye & Surgery Center blog; a source of regular information for our practice in Savannah, Georgia, with our satellite office in Bluffton, SC, adjacent to Hilton Head Island. What distinguishes our practice is our commitment to excellence in surgical and medical eyecare, unlike other practices that are in the business of selling glasses and contact lenses.

It has been said that if your only tool is a hammer, all of your problems will look like nails. Corporate LASIK chains, for instance, offer essentially only one product to their patient: LASIK, when in fact LASIK may not be appropriate for everyone. Here is where our practice is unique in many respects. Not only do we offer LASIK for appropriate candidates, we also offer PRK, the ICL (implantable contact lenses), refractive lens exchange, and, of course, cataract surgery with the latest technology, including multifocal implants. In other words, we can offer you the appropriate technology for your individual situation, having at our disposal all of the surgical tools in our state of the art surgery center. Whether you are young or old, our approach to improving your vision will be customized with the most appropriate technology to you.

Check back to this location in the future for more updates and detailed information about our practice, the Schulze Eye & Surgery Center, and the technology we offer.