April is Women’s Eye Health Month

Did you know that 2/3 of blindness and visual impairment occur in women? Did you also know that over 70% of legally blind people are women? That’s why women organized national Women’s Eye Health and Safety Month to promote the value of healthy eyesight. Since women, on average, live longer than men, they need special care. It is imperative to remain educated and examined by your doctor.

Regular Eye Exams are Essential

A recent study compared the incidence of regular eye exams to the development of dementia. The study reported that at least one visit with an ophthalmologist reduced the relative risk of dementia by 64%, compared with patients who had no visits. We at St. Luke’s encourage you to have regular eye exams.

Dr. Gills Receives Visionary Award

Congratulations to our Founder and Director Dr. James Gills upon receiving the Visionary Award from the Foundation Fighting Blindness in recognition to his outstanding commitment to providing healthy vision to patients in our community, our country and around the world. Foundation Fighting Blindness drives research that provides prevention, treatment and cures for people affected with retinal degenerative diseases.

Save Your Vision Month

March is Save Your Vision Month. For the past 80 years this program has raised awareness of something many folks take for granted – the gift of healthy vision. Many eye maladies can be prevented with regular vision checkups. St. Luke’s has over 40 years of experience helping patients maintain their gift of sight. Please contact us at any of our five Tampa bay offices for consultation. 800.282.9905.

St. Luke’s Cosmetic

More men than ever are discovering the benefits of cosmetic rejuvenation. In fact, over 1 million male cosmetic procedures were performed in 2008 and the upward trend is expected to continue. At St. Luke’s Cosmetic, we offer Botox, Laser Hair Removal, Microdermabrasion, Chemical Peel, Laser Skin Resurfacing, and more. We invite you to contact us and discover the benefits of a more youthful appearance.

The ReSTOR lens is one of the greatest advancements ever in cataract surgery. The success of this lens is evident in the number of patients who choose the ReSTOR lens for their best possible vision correction. In fact, many patients who choose the ReSTOR lens never need glasses again. When you visit St. Luke’s ask us about premium lens options for your most effective vision restoration.

Hearing Services

St. Luke’s reputation for restoring sight and improving the lives of our patients is widely known. St. Luke’s has embraced yet another path that will take patient care to a new level. Our Hearing Services department uses state-of-the-art technology to diagnose and treat many types of hearing loss. Ask to speak with one of our professional Hearing Aid Specialists at any of our five Tampa-area offices for a complimentary hearing evaluation and discover what you’ve been missing!


St. Luke’s is proud to be a contributor to the new eyes.com website. This site is dedicated to improving eye health through comprehensive up-to-date information. As a founding member, Dr. James P. Gills shares his knowledge about cataracts and advancements in intraocular lens technology. We invite you to review the site and hope that you find the information helpful.

ReSTOR Patients are Radically Grateful

St. Luke’s is renowned for advancing the practice of ophthalmology. Over the last 41 years we have helped make cataract surgery safer and more comfortable for our patients. Now, with the introduction of the ReSTOR lens, many of our patients no longer need glasses. The radical gratitude they share keeps us focused on being the best.