3D Video Games & Kids’ Eyes

September is Child Eye Safety Month.  We’ve told you some tips and instructions that you can take to keep your child’s eyes safe and protected.  We haven’t talked about 3D video games yet.  As a parent, you know how addicting these games can be!  Do those long hours absorbed in video games tax your child’s eyesight?

Our pediatric ophthalmologist, Dr. Adam Rovit, says no.  He thinks video games are great fun! “Fortunately, children have a high accommodative reserve so they can focus up close without symptoms for longer periods of time than adults.” Rovit says.

He continues, “However, kids need to take a break occasionally as well. If your child cannot see the 3D effect or is tiring quickly they should be evaluated with a complete eye exam. Uncorrected refractive errors or amblyopia (lazy eye) may be present.”

With that, we say it’s safe to let your kids enjoy the virtual world of video games!  If your child has trouble seeing the 3D effects or gets tired eyes from the screen, you know that’s your alert to schedule an appointment at the Shepherd Eye Center for a complete eye exam to evaluate for Lazy Eye.