Choosing a LASIK Doctor

If heading to the beach makes you cringe because you can’t decide whether to wear your glasses or risk the elements with contacts, you are not alone. That’s one reason why more than one million people turn to LASIK surgery each year to correct their vision.

However some people use a haphazard approach to choosing a LASIK doctor by selecting a surgeon based on cost or through a slick print advertisement. While the LASIK procedure has proven to be both safe and effective, the doctor you select will still be using surgical instruments on your eyes, so choose wisely.

Questions to Ask a LASIK Doctor

After obtaining LASIK testimonials and referrals from friends and family members who have had the LASIK procedure, check the doctor’s credentials, including board certifications. Then ask a few tough questions at the initial consultation to help determine if your doctor has the qualifications and experience to work on your eyes. Some questions you might want to ask are:
1. How many LASIK procedures have you performed in the last 12 months?
2. What percent of your LASIK patients have achieved a vision of 20/40 and 20/20 or better?
3. What percent of your LASIK patients have reported complications (halos, starbursts, dry eye, etc.) six months after surgery?
4. Will you be performing a wavefront technology diagnostic to determine my candidacy for the LASIK procedure?
5. What percent of your patients have needed a LASIK enhancement?
6. What tests will you perform before and after the LASIK surgery?

The LASIK doctors at Katzen Eye Group will take the time to evaluate your eyes and discuss all available vision correction options, including LASIK. If you are ready to have the best vision of your life, please contact the LASIK doctors at Katzen Eye Group in Baltimore and Lutherville, Maryland.