EANM Gallup Staff – Relay for Life


The staff at the Gallup clinic walked in the American Cancer Society Relay for Life which took place June 15th and 16th. This was the  first year  they participated.  The Team started with the ‘right’ foot, symbolizing hard work and dedication to the cause.   The Eye Associates members who participated were Audrey Brito, Brandi McGraw, O.D., Dee Sanchez, Michelle Tenorio, Andy Trujillo, Sandra James and Mari Arreguin-Espinoza.

A day before the event, members of the team placed more than 66 luminarias at the event site.  The team was composed of 17 enthusiastic people and most of them stayed throughout the night, taking turn walking.  The team actively participated in several of the special events that took place during the night and enjoyed the fun of trying to stay awake in the wee hours of the morning.

The event brought a new perspective to their lives.  They had the opportunity see many of our patients who had been, or currently are fighting cancer in their own lives.  They felt the reward of spending time with them, allowing them to show that they are there for them not just as their eye care provider, but as a group of friends that care for their overall health.

Mari was quoted as saying “we all have been touched by cancer in our lives in one form or another, and we anxiously anticipate the day when there will be a cure.”