Eye Exercises Improve Depth Perception

New research published in the online edition of Current Biology claims that a type of eye exercise called the “push-pull method” is effective in improving fine depth perception limited by a condition known as sensory eye dominance. In the same way that most people have a dominant hand, most people have a dominant eye as well. The push-pull method makes the non-dominant eye work while suppressing the dominant eye.

This strategy helps the brain to readjust the way it processes visual information, bringing the weaker and stronger eyes more into balance, though researchers are unsure of the exact mechanism that causes this readjustment. More balance between the dominant and non-dominant eyes improves fine depth perception, which could be extremely helpful to surgeons, athletes, and other people who rely on depth perception in their occupation.

After just ten days of push-pull training, researchers already noticed a significant reduction in eye dominance paired with significant improvement in depth perception. These results are encouraging, but more research is needed to discover precisely how the push-pull method works.

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