Eye Exercises

Eye exercises can help you maintain good vision and avoid eyestrain. The muscles in your eyes must be strong and flexible to focus properly and comfortably, and your eyes need to work together. Our bodies are designed for more outdoor activity than most of us actually participate in currently. Computer work is a common problem, but even if you do not work in front of a computer screen, your eyes may not be getting the exercise they need to stay their healthiest.

Eye Exercises You Can do Every Day
Your eye doctor may recommend a specific set of eye exercises for your unique needs. In the meantime, there are simple things you can do to keep your eye muscles strong and flexible without taking a chunk of time out of your day. You can slip them in at your convenience throughout the day, especially when your eyes feel tired.

  • Roll your eyes. Go full circle, clockwise and counterclockwise.
  • Practice near and far. Focus clearly on something as close to your face as possible. Some reading material or the back of your finger will work. Then, shift your focus to something in the distance (at least 10 feet away) as quickly as you can. With practice you should be able to shift and focus faster.
  • Hold your finger about 10 inches or so from your face, focusing on the tips with both eyes. Slowly bring it closer to your face, maintaining focus as long as possible. When the image doubles, move it away slowly. With practice, you should be able to move it closer and closer to your face without blurring or doubling.

Please, contact an ophthalmologist in your area to learn more about the eye exercises that will be the most beneficial to you.