Eyes and Makeup

The most common problem that makeup causes for the eyes is an allergic reaction. Makeup can also cause eye infections, if you use old or contaminated products. Although rare, eye injuries caused while applying makeup can lead to serious infections.

Eye Makeup Safety
Your makeup can cause an eye infection even without an eye injury. If you injure your eye while applying your makeup, contaminated products greatly increase the likelihood of a serious infection. Some basic tips for avoiding infections caused by your makeup include:

  • Replace your makeup every six months or more often
  • Sterilize non-disposable applicators when you replace your makeup
  • Do not share eye makeup with anyone
  • Replace any makeup used when you have had an eye infection
  • Do not use the samplers in stores unless they are sealed, single-use samples
  • Never try to dilute your eye makeup with water or saliva

To avoid injury while applying eye makeup:

  • Never apply your makeup in a moving vehicle
  • Keep eye pencils sharp enough that the wood cannot scratch your eye or eyelid
  • Only apply your eye makeup in a safe environment, never around boisterous children or in an overcrowded restroom

Also, remember that your eyes are sensitive to chemicals and substances that other parts of your body can handle. Never try to use hair dye to dye your eyelashes or eyebrows. It can cause blindness.

If you are concerned about the safety of your makeup, please contact an ophthalmologist in your area and make an appointment to learn more today.