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Combining Smart Contact Lenses and Glasses for Sci-Fi-Worthy   Augmented RealityFor years here at IEEE   Spectrum, we’ve tracked   the technologies needed to realize thescience fiction dream of human vision   enhanced with digital data streams. Google Glass has made wearable displays a   reality, but current models limit the digital field of view to just a paltry   13 degrees in a fixed location. If Google tried to increase the display size   and field of view (a requirement of truly immersive augmented reality), the   amount of optics required to make it work would increase geometrically, and   they’d end up with something the size of the Oculus   Rift. Innovega, on the other hand, has found a way to keep the glasses   small—by modifying the optics at the eyeball with a specially designed   contact lens. We checked out their latest prototype system at the Consumer   Electronics Show.