Happy Halloween; Don’t Go Blind

Once again, ophthalmologists are warning people who are deciding to dress up for Halloween this year to be careful with decorative contact lenses. All of these lenses may look great with scary costumes (vampires are a very popular choice with these lenses), but it’s what might happen to your eyes as a result of wearing them that’s truly frightening.

Contact lenses are prescription only, fitted by a trained ophthalmologist. Sticking ill fitting, over-the-counter lenses into your eyes may cause pain and inflammation. Redness, tearing, and serious pain are not uncommon. These risks can lead to corneal abrasions and blindness.

Goopy, pus-filled eyes, and deep red around the pupils is truly a terrifying site to behold. For you, those around you, and your eye doctor eye infections can be very difficult to deal with. Prescription eye drops, sitting in the dark to avoid light sensitivity (sort of like vampires), and more is not worth it.

Although some of these lenses have been banned for several years, and contacts in general have been classified as medical devices by the FDA since 2005, it is still very easy to get them from costume shops, pop-up Halloween stores, and even beauty supply stores. Know that you risk blindness for one or two days of looking scary.

Eye health is important to remember all year long. When Halloween comes around, if your perfect costume requires you to put these decorative lenses into your eyes, you may want to speak with an eye doctor before, and not after, the big Halloween party.

If you are suffering any of the side effects of placing decorative contacts into your eyes, please find an experienced eye doctor in your area immediately to avoid serious injury or blindness.