LASIK Candidacy – Medications

If eye doctors are currently treating your vision errors with eyeglasses or contact lenses, more than likely you are a good candidate for laser vision correction. Even if you have excessively high prescriptions, eye doctors may still consider you for the LASIK procedure. In fact, very few factors may prevent you from this surgical eye procedure that has helped others reduce the need for glasses and contact lenses. Yet, medications that you currently take are one factor that will negatively affect your LASIK candidacy, due to an increased risk of complications.

Medications – the Dilemmas They Cause for LASIK

The reason why some medications cause problems in moving forward with LASIK is that so many prescriptions can cause dry eyes. LASIK naturally causes some dry eye problems, so adding a current medication-induced dry eye symptom would only exacerbate the problem. Other medications can affect vision, so you would need to cease the medication for time prior to surgery so that vision is stabilized. Medications that suppress the immune system can also make LASIK procedures risky.

If you would like to consider LASIK eye surgery, but have concerns about medicines or factors that might affect your candidacy, please find an ophthalmologist in your area who can evaluate your eyes and medical conditions.