LatisseĀ® for Longer Eyelashes

Would you like to be able to flutter your long, dark eyelashes? If you start today, you could be doing that in eight weeks and still be only half-way to your final exciting results.

Latisse is a fairly new product that we are now offering, FDA-approved for enhancing the eyelashes. It is easy to apply. It comes in a small bottle and with a supply of disposable applicators. Simply put one drop on a new applicator and draw it along the upper eyelid at the base of your eyelashes. Blot any excess, throw away the applicator, and repeat the process on the other eye with a fresh applicator.

Latisse works by extending the growth phase of the hair growth cycle and by stimulating each hair follicle to produce more than one lash. It also stimulates melanin production although exactly how it works is not fully understood. It is based on some of the eyedrops used for Glaucoma which have a side effect of lengthening the eyelashes.

After eight weeks, you will see longer and darker eyelashes and after 16 weeks, the full treatment period, you will surely be pleased and excited about the results.

There are a few little side effects but most people do not experience them. You might have some itchiness or irritation in your eyes or some redness in your eyes or eyelids. It will most likely be temporary but will certainly stop if you stop using Latisse. Do not use Latisse on the lower eyelids because it could cause extra hair growth beyond your eyelashes.

As with all products, as long as you follow the directions, you will get excellent results.

If you would like to schedule an appointment and learn more about Latisse, please contact our Baltimore eye care office today. We serve Lutherville and Towson also and will be happy to meet with you.