Lifestyle Factors and LASIK Candidacy

There are many factors which may impact whether you are an ideal candidate for LASIK. While many of these factors are medically related and deal with issues such as the health of your eyes or the thickness of your corneas, there are also several factors that specifically deal with your lifestyle.

Your level of activity may impact your ability to heal after LASIK. People who engage in contact sports may be ruled out as a candidate for LASIK since these sports increase your risk of an eye injury following LASIK. However, if you are willing to refrain from participating in contact sports while your eyes heal, you may still be able to undergo the procedure.

LASIK can make activities such as swimming, scuba diving, or water skiing much more enjoyable, but you will need to avoid water sports for one to two weeks after LASIK to prevent the development of infection while you heal.

High altitude sports such as skiing or mountain climbing may also impact your LASIK candidacy. High altitudes tend to increase your risk of dry eyes, a common complication following LASIK. In order to reduce your risk of dry eyes, you will want to refrain from these activities while your eyes heal.

It is important to discuss these and other lifestyle choices with your LASIK surgeon during your initial consultation to ensure you are a proper candidate for the procedure.

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