New iPad Vision Test

Vision Test, a free app created by 3 Cube, gives iPad users a new way to test their vision. No matter if you suspect you need something simple such as glasses or LASIK, or if you are concerned about larger issues such as age-related macular degeneration, Vision Test can provide a series of tests and questions that can help you determine if it may be time to see an eye doctor.

This new app provides a visual acuity test, a Duochrome test, an astigmatism test, and tests for far field vision and color recognition. While these tests cannot compete with the services of an experienced ophthalmologist, they may prompt people who did not know they could benefit from professional eye care to seek advice following abnormal or unsatisfactory test results. The app is free, but currently only available to users of the iPad.

When to See an Ophthalmologist

It is true that we live in an age where technology places significantly more power in our hands. However, it is important to remember that self-diagnosing is never a good idea and professional assistance should be sought at the first sign of vision troubles.

Maintaining regularly scheduled appointments with your eye doctor remains the best way to check your vision and identify small problems before they result in serious vision disruptions, and you should be certain to contact your eye doctor if you notice changes in your vision, experience eye pain, or are suddenly beset by any vision troubles.

If you are overdue for a regular vision exam, don’t rely on an app for medical advice, please use our eye doctor locator to find an ophthalmologist in your area and schedule an appointment today.