Night Driving Difficulty with Multifocal Lenses

A study recently reported that those who wear multifocal contact lenses have more trouble with night time driving than those who wear glasses. This is a problem because more and more people are turning to multifocal lenses as they age, rather than wear glasses, for their appearance.

The study was admittedly a small one (11 volunteers), but looked at those who had presbyopia and are between ages 45 and 64. They drove around a closed circuit driving track at night while wearing multifocal contact lenses.

While wearing the lenses, their driving speeds were slower and were less able to recognize road hazards, even while wearing lenses. They reportedly also had to be closer to road signs to read what they said. This decreased the amount of time they had to react to the signs.

One solution the authors of the study said might work was to prescribe one multifocal lens correction for daytime use and another correction for nighttime use.

Presbyopia is an age-related loss of vision that affects nearly everyone after the age of 40. It may require reading glasses even if you’ve had 20/20 vision your entire life. There are many theories about what may cause it, including the lens becoming harder or stiffer with age.

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