Not a LASIK Candidate? Ask About the Verisyse Phakic IOL

With so many vision correction options available today, it is impossible to know which is right for you without the advice of a highly skilled ophthalmologist with experience in refractive surgery to correct vision problems such as myopia, hyperopia and astigmatismLASIK is the most popular vision correction surgery to date, but, unfortunately, not everyone is a candidate for this quick, pain-free surgery that leaves patients with 20/20 vision in most cases. One alternative to LASIK is the Verisyse Phakic IOL (intraocular lens); your eye’s natural lens is not removed during the IOL procedure.

You may be a candidate for the Verisyse Phakic IOL if:

  • Your eyes are in good general health
  • You have no diseases of the iris, pupil or cornea
  • You suffer from myopia that can be corrected by lenses ranging from -5.0 to -20.0 dopters
  • Have astigmatism of 2.5 diopters or less.

The Verisyse Procedure

Your ophthalmologist will perform this procedure on an out-patient basis and takes about an hour to complete. It is painless, and one eye is treated at a time. An incision will be made in your cornea, and the IOL will be placed in the pocket between your cornea and iris. When the IOL is centered in front of your pupil, your doctor will attach it to the iris. As you heal, you will have to wear an eye shield for several days to reduce the risk of injury and infection.

Most patients are very pleased with the results of their Verisyse phakic IOL. Approximately 90% of patients have 20/30 (or better) vision and do not need corrective lenses after the IOL is placed.

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