Price Vision Group Adopts New Technology for Improved Dry Eye Treatment

One of the most common clinical challenges faced in optometry is dry eye, and the doctors at Price Vision Group have extensive experience in the diagnosis and treatment of dry eye disease.  Price Vision Group is keeping up with the latest technology regarding dry eyes and was recently certified by TearLab as an “AccreditedDryEyeCenter”. This system affords them the ability to measure tear osmolarity with the TearLab test, which helps diagnose, treat, and monitor a patient’s dry eyes.  Treatment is prescribed based on the measurements from the TearLab. Treatments range from Omega 3 supplements, tear replacement drops, punctal plugs, anti- inflammatory drops, oral antibiotics and prescription strength artificial tears.

 By being one of the first practices in the state of Indianato be certified as an Accredited Dry Eye Center, Price Vision Group has demonstrated expertise and dedication to the most advanced technologies and treatments in the management of dry eye disease.

Contact Price Vision Group at 800-317-EYES to for more information about dry eye symptoms and treatments.