Protect Your Eyes from the Summer Sun

As we enter the sunny summer months, it is time once again to consider the impact of sun damage to the eyes and the most effective ways to protect your vision well into the future. Excessive unprotected exposure to sunlight can result in painful and damaging burns to your cornea. It has also been identified as a risk factor for things including:

  • Cataracts
  • Macular degeneration
  • Pterygia

The best way to avoid the harmful effects on the sun on eyesight is by wearing protective glasses at all times when outside.

Skimping is a Bad Idea

Cheap sunglasses are available at nearly every gas station and grocery store in the country. Many of these discount brands are cost effective, but despite their claims of “broad UVA/UVB protection,” they may actually do more harm than good.

Your pupils dilate in lower-light conditions, allowing more sunlight to enter into the inner chambers of your eyes. Discount sunglasses make things darker, but often fail to live up to their claims of UV protection, allowing harmful rays of light to penetrate deep into your lens and retina.

Sunglasses purchased through an eye doctor may seem more expensive, but their quality and protection far outweigh their initial costs. When it comes to protecting your eyes from sun damage, you deserve the most effective option available.

If you are looking for the latest sunglasses styles to protect your eyes this summer, please visit our Eye Doctor Directory to find a well-stocked ophthalmologist in your area today.