Protecting Your Eyes From Sun Damage

With summer well on its way and many of us already enjoying warmer, brighter days, it’s easy to forget about the considerable amount of damage the sun can do to our eyes.

Most people take steps to protect their skin from the dangers of UV rays, but your eyes are also at risk of serious long-term damage if they are not adequately protected. UV rays and blue light rays can be dangerous even in the wintertime, but in summer, their harmful effects are three times greater. Exposure to these rays can lead to cataracts, photokeratitis (sunburn of the cornea), macular degeneration, and other harmful conditions later in life.

Eye damage caused by the sun will build up over the course of your life. The more you expose your eyes to direct sunlight, the more likely you are to develop permanent damage. While sunglasses are still the best way to protect your eyes, you need to be sure you have sunglasses that provide equal protection from both UV and blue light rays. Sunglasses with large lenses that fit close to your eyes also provide better protection for the area surrounding your eyes, which can be prone to skin cancer.

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