Software Helps Aging Eyes Operate Cell Phones

For many people with aging eyes, operating a cell phone can be difficult. The small screens that many people have on their phones can be very hard to read for people with presbyopia or following cataract surgery. Now, a new software package helps people with aging vision to operate their cell phones without fumbling for glasses or asking for help from people around them.

The software is called C-CallerID, and it works by identifying common callers with a large, easily-readable abbreviation of one or two letters or a visual icon that can be selected from the company’s database. It was developed by a man as an app for his wife who had trouble using her phone after cataract surgery. The product was unveiled at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, and is available for use on many mobile phones, including Motorola, Nokia, Sony, Samsung, and LG. Although it is currently available in Britain, its availability for people in the United States is not known.

C-CallerID is an ideal solution for people who have smaller phones that are primarily used for phone calls and text messages and do not want to upgrade to larger-screened smartphones.

Although age definitely leads to a number of visual changes, it doesn’t have to lead to a reduction in your quality of life. To learn more about how you can enjoy life to the fullest despite changes in your vision, please contact a local ophthalmologist.