Western Kansas Low Vision

Western Kansas Low Vision

Western Kansas Low Vision Foundation(WKLV) is a non-profit founded by Dr. Luther Fry in 1990 for the purpose of assisting individuals with low vision have access to assistive technology and support for individuals with low vision.

Low vision means that the individuals vision effects their activities of daily living(ADL). Which means they have difficulty or an inability to accomplish tasks such as reading the newspaper, navigating stairs, or cooking due to their visual impairment. This decrease in vision is not able to be improved to 20/20 vision with either surgery or glasses.

Helping people overcome their visual limitations is the goal of WKLV. Robert L. Hoch, O.D. and Dawn D. Williams, O.D. are optometrists who specialize in low vision care, evaluate the degree of usable vision, and prescribe the most advanced optical devices available. Prescriptions for glasses are also available through this examination. Tara Keesling, C.O.A. is a low vision technician who works with individuals to help them adapt to these new devices. You can also make an appointment with Tara for personal instruction on optical devices before or after your appointment with the low vision specialist.

WKLV also runs a Support group for individuals with low vision, and/or family of individuals with visual impairments, and a quarterly free newsletter. The newsletter is packed with updates within WKLV, and information regarding deseases of the eye that case visual impairment, and assistance information for individuals with visual impairment.

For more information please contact:

Tara Keesling, C.O.A.
Western Kansas Low Vision
310 East Walnut
Garden City, Ks. 67846