Vision Loss Linked to Depression

A recently published study has discovered a shocking link between vision loss and depression. As reported in the Journal of  the American Medical Association Ophthalmology, the rate of vision loss among participants identified as depressed was 11 percent, compared to 5 percent among those who did not consider themselves depressed.

Researchers in the study analyzed data form a three year period in which 10,000 participants took part in the U.S. National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey. After adjusting for factors such as age, sex, and general health,  the researchers concluded that there is a link between vision loss and depression, though they are not, as yet, sure which one causes the other.

Routine Eye Exams

The importance of routine eye exams cannot be overstated. Because vision loss can be caused by a number of common eye diseases and disorders brought about by aging, genetics, and, apparently, mood disorders, it is vital that you visit your ophthalmologist at least once every other year for thorough examinations. People over the age of 65 are at an increased risk for vision loss, making it important that you visit your eye doctor with greater frequency once you reach your golden years.

If you are suffering from diminished sight, or simply need to schedule a regular eye exam, please locate an experienced ophthalmologist in your area to help prevent permanent vision loss.