What to Expect from the LASIK Recovery Process

LASIK eye surgery involves a very short recovery period, which is one of its major benefits for patients. Knowing what to expect during this recovery period can help you ensure a smooth healing process. During the first couple of nights, your LASIK surgeon may require you to wear a protective eye shield while you sleep. You should also be provided with antibiotic eyedrops to guard your eyes against the chance of infection.

Since you will be extra-sensitive to light for the next few days, keep dark glasses around and wear them as often as possible. Try not to read, use a computer, or watch TV for the first 24 hours after LASIK, since this can cause eye strain that interferes with your eyes’ healing process. You can expect to feel a slight gritty sensation in your eyes; this is normal. Whatever you do, don’t rub your eyes, since this can cause the corneal flap to dislodge before it has a chance to heal properly.

Here are some other tips to keep in mind while you are recovering from LASIK:

  • Don’t shower for the first 24 hours after LASIK; instead, take a bath.
  • During the first week, avoid getting water in your eyes from washing your face or showering.
  • Avoid eye makeup.
  • Don’t drink any alcohol for at least 48 hours after your procedure.

If you have more questions about LASIK, please contact an experienced ophthalmologist in your area today to schedule an initial consultation.